Back at the beginning of the month, Apple rejected a Steve Jobs tribute calendar application, noting that apps made in honor of the late Apple co-founder and former CEO were not being accepted by the company. Now, the application’s developer has chosen to make the app (which is called “Tribute Calendar”) available via the Cydia Store, where it can be downloaded for free.

According to the application’s developer:

We are really happy (& proud) to announce that ‘Tribute Calendar’ is launched with Cydia Store.

We have kept our promise to release the App free (as well Ad Free), it will remain Free for lifetime.

Though Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly a fan of jailbreaking, it’s nice Apple fans can download the application in an ad-free form free of charge, providing they have a jailbroken iOS device. However, the app’s developer added:

One more thing…
If you don’t have Cydia or Jail broken device , we are distributing the application to 25 lucky users as an Ad-hoc application. Write to us [email protected]

You can find “Tribute Calendar” in the Cydia Store via the built-in repositories – just search for the application’s name. Let us know if you download it in the comments.

[via The Next Web]