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Nikon's New D-SLR Camera Can Be Controlled With An iOS Device

It has recently been announced that Nikon's upcoming D4 D-SLR camera can be controlled with an iPhone or iPad. Though little is known about this feature (more will be announced at CES, we expect), Cult of Mac notes that an application will most likely not be required to control the D-SLR. Instead, the website speculates that a Nikon's own WT-5 adapter will allow iOS fans to connect to their camera via Safari. Once connected, Cult of Mac explains that the feature is impressive:
You can view what the camera is looking at, control the D4”s focus points by touching any point on the image, and can control all the camera’s core functions, like white balance, ISO, shutter and aperture. You can use the interface to control the D4”s video abilities too.
We'll let you know once more information is available.