A new iPhone case called the GIZMON iCA can transform an iPhone handset into a classic, retro camera.

The case, though arguably a little excessive, certainly looks the part: it features a shutter button, an optical viewfinder, a conversion lens mount and mock lens, and you can even mount the iCA to a tripod. The iCA is made from 32 pieces of Polycarbonate, and uses the iPhone’s volume button to snap images while in use.

You can continue to use your handset just like normal when it’s clipped into the iCA, and additional lenses (such as fisheye and macro lenses) can expand the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera.

The accessory has a rather sizeable price-tag of $65. However, the accessories (including a neck strap and those extra lenses) can double the price of the iCA.

For more information, head over to GIZMON’s website, and let us know in the comments if you’re impressed with the accessory.

[via TechCrunch]