So we didn’t want to make a big deal or anything, but today is Appisode 500! And Apple must have known since they officially started sending out invites to their announcement today for their event on March 7, 2012. That’s right the rumors were true! Will it be an iPad event? Yeah, we are more than guessing that Apple is planning on debuting the iPad 3. Will it sport some, or all, of the rumored features we’ve talked about on the show, and on the site so far? Good question!

So how did this news about the Apple event break? Well Apple started sending out invites today through email! Invites from Apple are notorious for having hidden messages in them as to what the event will entail, and today’s invite is no different. The picture displays an iPad with super clear icons, which leads us to believe the next generation iPad has to have a higher resolution screen. As for the icons in the invite, we don’t think they give away anything more than its location, date, and the fact that it’s going to be a keynote.

Aside from the big news today we considered doing a clip show, but we decided – been there, done that. So instead we’re going Tosh.0 style. This is going to be the year of hair. That’s right we have collected all Robin’s embarrassing, silly, and some may consider sexy hairstyles she has sported over the last two years. Enjoy!