What is the deal with our innate urge to show people what we’re going to eat? And, even worse, we like to show people what we’ve eaten (ew!), or partially eaten. When will we learn?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to spot some noms here and there myself. I use Foodspotting often. I just think that if you’re going to share your food photos, make sure to confine them to apps like Foodspotting (not Instagram); this way, when we open the app, we know what we’re in for.

Foodspotting’s aim has been to replace the restaurant menu, and with the newest update, maybe that is finally becoming a reality. The food-sharing photo app was updated with some pretty interesting changes. These changes were made to make it a more personalized food-sharing and dining experience. You can now get better, smarter recommendations by hiding the dishes and foods you dislike, while bookmarking the ones you do like.

I really like the new design; even the icon is prettier (despite the eerie “Foodspotting is watching you” vibe I get from it). And the app itself has gone more social — now focusing even more on crowd sourcing your noms with friends and followers. Though, one thing I did notice was that the app is running slower than usual. Is that just me?

If you use Foodspotting, what do you think of the update? Or do you prefer to keep your food where it belongs: in your stomach where no one can see it?