Jailbreak fans: Are you tired of “AT&T,” “Verizon,” “Sprint” – or, in my case, “vodafone UK” – sitting atop your iPhone’s springboard? Do you wish it was possible to replace the boring, old text with something fun, perhaps even something iconic? If your answer to both questions was a resounding “YES,” consider downloading a free tweak called Zeppelin from the Cydia Store.

Zeppelin, once downloaded and installed, adds a new pane in the built-in Settings app, via which jailbreakers can add an icon – like, for example, the Batman symbol – to the top of their iPhone’s screen, in place of their carrier’s name.

The Dark Knight has an iPhone

The tweak is free to download and install, and can be found in the Cydia Store via the default repositories. If you decide to download Zeppelin, let us know which icon you choose in the comments.

[via iDownloadBlog]