For some people, there is a subtle distinction between Tower Defense, Castle Defense, and Base Defense games. Generally speaking, for Tower Defense, you build different attack “towers” along a path to prevent waves of enemies from arriving at a destination. In Castle Defense, the enemy destination is your stronghold, and you directly engage your attackers to repel them. Finally, for Base Defense, both you and your opponent have a base, generally positioned at opposite ends of the battlefield; you must defeat the opposing base before your base is destroyed.

Despite their differences, there are strong similarities between these types of games, as well as a lot of room for overlap. Ultimately though, similarities, differences, and distinctions are unimportant. What matters is that these games are popular and they’re fun. They are also plentiful; it can be difficult to weed out the good ones from the rehashes. That’s what this AppGuide is for.

Best Tower Defense, Castle Defense, And Base Defense For iOS