We recently reported that that special event we’ve all been waiting for this spring, is probably happening next month. With more and more retailers seemingly preparing for the next generation iPad release, us Apple geeks are squirming with anticipation.

And finally, we have what seems to be a solid date for the announcement of the next generation iPad, according to iMore. The announcement date of March 7 seems like a viable one, considering the keynote dates for past iPad events are similar — especially for a Wednesday as it’s a common day for Apple to have these announcements. The Loop reported that it would be the first week in March, and then today confirmed this, and given their history, they’re usually dead on.

Although there are a lot of rumors floating around, and we can never know for sure, we think it’s safe to say the next generation iPad will have a quad-core processor and 4G LTE capabilities. Will it have a Retina display? We hope so! But the rest truly remains to be seen. However, we hope to find out for sure March 7.

But no matter the date, we’ll cover the event and keep you updated as we find out for sure, from the only true reliable source: Apple. Until then, we can only speculate on what the next iPad will bring to the table. But, boy, are we excited.

How many iPad 3 devices do you plan on waiting in line for next month?