We recently reported that Tim Cook is making his first trip to China since becoming CEO. But at the time, the trip was shrouded in mystery. We have since found out, through an email provided to Bloomberg, that he is spending some time touring Foxconn, the company responsible for producing the iDevice.

Foxconn has been under fire lately with reports of terrible working conditions, underpaid employees, and nets lining the building preventing workers from committing suicide. The conditions at Foxconn have raised a slew of issues regarding worker rights in China and have led to protests.

The conditions at Foxconn have actually caused Apple to come under fire as well for their role in the situation. Perhaps the main reason for this trip was for Tim Cook to see the conditions at the plant for himself, and try to make a decision about what Apple needs to do moving forward.

Tim Cook visits Foxconn (Image via MIC Gadget).

Some even claimed that Apple was aware of conditions at Foxconn all along, but chose to ignore the situation. Tim Cook said those claims are “patently false and offensive.”

I think the most likely reason for his visit is to make sure everything is in place for the launch of next iPhone. The time of year for Apple to begin working on the next device is steadily approaching, and the need to make sure their production systems are in place to handle the demand.

Whatever the reason for Tim Cook’s visit, it is fantastic to see the CEO of one of the world’s most profitable companies taking a hands on role in everything the company does, right down to production. It also seems like he brought smiles to the faces of some of the workers, which is valuable in and of itself.

Why do you think Tim Cook went to Foxconn?

Image Credits: MIC Gadget
Source: AppleInsider