In the latter part of this year, another round of elections will be held in the United States for the presidential, congressional and gubernatorial positions. While the hopefuls for these positions are busy campaigning and performing pre-electoral tasks, you, the law-abiding voter, can sit back and watch their every publicized move. Alternatively, you can sit back and play Donkeys and Elephants: Election Races on your iPhone.

Donkeys and Elephants: Election Races is a harmless little game that pits the kicking donkey, the mascot of the Democratic Party, against the proud elephant, the symbol of the Republican Party. The game lets you choose between the two animals at the start of each session, supposedly based on your political allegiance, but you can switch animals later on if you’re so inclined. Each session is actually nothing more than a vertical scrolling game where you must move your chosen animal sideways as it collects stars and avoids hitting oncoming objects. Among these dangerous objects are crossed swords, water holes, bombs and the opposing party’s animals.

Donkeys and Elephants: Election Races uses a convenient tilt control mode and promises simple yet addictive gameplay. It supports OpenFeint integration as well as score sharing via Facebook. It’s available now in the App Store for free. With eight months to go before the elections take place, you have plenty of time to support your favorite party even if it’s only on your favorite device. So, forget Plants vs. Zombies, Pizza vs. Skeletons or even Angry Birds vs. Greedy Pigs. The important battle now and in the coming months is between Donkeys and Elephants.