When it first came out last year, EPOCH. by Uppercut Games wowed regular users and professional reviewers alike with its robot combat cover-shooter gameplay that’s greatly complemented by its gorgeous graphics. Available as a universal iOS game, Epoch has long looked amazing on the Retina display of the iPhone, but it’s only now, three weeks following the launch of the new iPad, that Uppercut is releasing an update to support that new device’s Retina display. And the result ought to be nothing but stunning.

To be sure, there’s no shortage of Retina app and game updates since the certainty of the new iPad’s double-resolution screen was announced, but it’s simply worth noting when any of these updates is for an app or a game in which high-resolution graphics actually matter. And this most recent update for Epoch is such an update. In fact, it’s an update deemed so significant that it even has its own trailer.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Aside from the enhanced Retina graphics for the new iPad, the trailer also refers to depth of field, light shafts, distance fog, bloom, and rim lighting. These are effects that further improve the quality of Epoch’s look and, by extension, its gameplay, putting it on an equal footing with most console games. The update also doubles the character texture resolution and adds dynamic character shadows.

Epoch is available in the App Store for $2.99. I’m quite sure that with this graphics-enhancing update, Epoch’s robots in combat across post-apocalyptic wastelands have never looked so good.