China has surpassed the United States as the world’s fastest growing smartphone market.

Flurry Analytics ran the data on global smartphone activations for the month of February and was surprised to learn that China now sits in first place. While brands were combined rather than compared, Flurry’s figures show that iOS and Android are leading the charge. Despite a significantly lower per-capita income, China also has the highest market “upside.” By the country’s sheer weight of numbers, more Chinese can afford smartphones than can any other large market group the world over.

Smartphone activations by month.

Additionally (and obviously, considering the above), Flurry found that China is also the fastest rising country in terms of overall app usage, growing by 1126 percent since Q1 2011.

App session growth, year over year.

It looks like Apple’s Chinese strategies are starting to pay off.

[Via MacRumors]