Angry Birds Space is, no doubt, the biggest iOS game release this past week. Amid the excitement brought about by this new iteration of the physics-based slingshot game, it’s highly likely that the release of an iOS game based on one of the most famous Internet phenomena ever went largely unnoticed. I’m referring to Nyan Cat Adventure for iPhone and iPad.

Nyan Cat Adventure is an endless side-scrolling platformer starring last year’s hit Internet cat, Nyan Cat. The game is officially licensed from Nyan Cat’s creator, Christopher Torres, so expect to be bombarded with lots of entertaining nonsense reminiscent of the original Nyan Cat GIF animation and YouTube video. Using the now common tap-and-hold single-finger control system, you must guide Nyan Cat as it jumps, flips and flies his way past numerous rainbow-filled platforms. Along the way, you will encounter Nyan Cat’s friends as well as point-increasing candies, psychedelic pills and score multipliers, among others. Take a look at the game trailer below.

If you can’t see the video above, please click here.

Nyan Cat Adventure is available as both a free lite app and a paid premium app. The paid version costs only $0.99 in the App Store and unlocks all the other Nyan characters, features and playing modes unavailable in the lite version. Warning: lite or paid, Nyan Cat Adventure is marvelously memetastic and is likely to cause photosensitive seizures.