It’s pretty obvious that Apple Stores are enormously profitable. But compared to the average American retailer, some recent research throws out some staggering numbers.

At $5,626 of revenue per square foot, Apple Stores have 17 times better performance than the average store that clocks in at $300 per square foot.

Apple sales performance is also far and away the top in the United States. High-end retailers Tiffany and Coach are second and third with averages of $2,974 and $1,820 per square foot, respectively.

In the electronics world, only Gamestop and Best Buy made the top 20 list. Gamestop was a respectable No. 5 with $1,001 revenue per square foot while Best Buy was No. 10 with $831 per square foot.

Apple also took the crown for the best year-over-year sales jump with a staggering 49.1 percent increase.

The results were compiled from 160 American retailers, excluding restaurants, which publicly announce sales.

Do you go out of your way to shop at an Apple Store? It looks like a lot of Americans are.

(Via Asymco)