One of my favorite games to play on my iDevices is Tilt To Live, and one of my favorite things about it is its soundtrack. The soundtrack is credited to one Whitaker Blackall, and it turns out that Tilt To Live isn’t the only game for which he has served as soundtrack composer. Among his portfolio of games that use his music are Casey’s Contraptions HD, Chicken Balls, and Velocispider. Evidently, Whitaker is a prolific songwriter for iOS games. And today comes incontrovertible proof that he also has what it takes to be in charge of the most demanding aspect of developing an iOS game: being its designer.

Today, Whitaker’s first foray into full-on iOS game design comes to fruition with the release of Polymer. Offering a fresh and colorful spin on sliding-block puzzles, Polymer has you moving rows and columns of blocks horizontally and vertically in order to create polymers. In the game, a polymer is an enclosed figure that results from the interlocking of blocks, each of which conveys an incomplete shape.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

You can create polymers in any of the three modes of the game, previewed in the trailer above. You can also see in the video how the game’s visuals are on a par with its sounds. Of course, Polymer wouldn’t be Whitaker’s brainchild if it didn’t feature a great soundtrack.

Designed for the iPhone, Polymer is available now in the App Store at a limited half-off sale price of only $0.99.