Ashton Kutcher, he of “That 70′s Show” and “Dude, Where’s My Car?” fame, will portray the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming film, according to an exclusive report by Variety.

As today is April Fools’ Day, it’s only to be expected that this news will elicit head shakes of disbelief and be construed as nothing but a prank. Add to that the fact that Kutcher is largely known for his comedic roles in TV sitcoms and his hosting stint in MTV’s practical joke show, “Punk’d,” and you have a well-thought-out recipe for a practical joke. Or do you? Jeff Sneider, the reporter who posted the scoop for Variety, asserts via Twitter that Kutcher’s casting is true.

Sneider also reveals that the Steve Jobs biopic to be top-billed by Kutcher will be simply called “Jobs” and will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”) from a script by relative newcomer Matt Whiteley. An independent production by Five Star Institute, the film will recount the rise and fall and rise again of the influential Apple co-founder.

Kutcher actually bears a remarkable resemblance to Jobs. But having tried his hand at dramatic roles in “The Butterfly Effect” and “The Guardian,” Kutcher is yet to prove his true mettle in a serious portrayal. With luck, “Jobs” will be able to tap into his potential and consequently prove naysayers wrong. Who knows? Maybe Kutcher will receive his first Academy Award nomination for it. (LOL?)

I’ll definitely watch the film first chance I get, but I’ll be waiting with more excitement for Sony’s adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s authorized Steve Jobs biography. Now that would make for a great David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin reunion after their first collaboration in another biopic about another famous CEO.