Massive Joe Studios is back with a follow-up to Age of Monsters – Rock Paper Scissors, its smashing rock-paper-scissors game to end all rock-paper-scissors game. The new game is a sort of sequel in that it inherits the Age of Monsters branding as well as the original game’s graphics and characters, but it has an entirely different gameplay.

The follow-up, titled Escape from Age of Monsters, jettisons the rock-paper-scissors mechanics of its predecessor in favor of a side-scrolling endless runner gameplay that, above all, recalls Canabalt. Featuring a visual feast of monsters and other dangers served by none other than Jeff Matsuda, the chief character designer for “The Batman” and “Jackie Chan Adventures,” Escape from Age of Monsters follows the sprinting, monster-evading exploits of a man named Gizzard. Gizzard has been entrusted with a pair of mysterious gloves, which he should use to punch his way through walls as he runs for his life as well as for the lives of his orphan friends. Watch the trailer for the game below.

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Escape from Age of Monsters is scheduled by the game’s publisher, Ayopa Games, for release on April 26. It’s designed for both iPhone and iPad, and it’s duly equipped with Retina graphics for the new iPad. Look out for our full review of the game here on AppAdvice.