AppAdvice has teamed up with Parker Planners in order to offer you a chance to win one of 12 promo codes for Parker Planner ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

What is a calendar? It’s a quick and simple reference for events, appointments, tasks, and so on, which is exactly what Parker Planner is designed to be. In fact, one of the key advantages is that it’s the only calendar app to show the day’s events, general to-do list, and notes onscreen simultaneously.

Parker Planner version 1.1 - List and Week Views

You can also view events through an all encompassing list. or by week in a highlighted grid.

Presented in a flat white, red, and black interface, the month view looks basic because it is. There’s no color coding, no preview text, just small red blocks. Used as the most basic of markers, the number of blocks indicates how busy each day is. Want to find out more? Tap on a specific day or swipe through a week to move into day or week view to show your events.

It’s in the day view that everything comes together, literally. The layout consists of your calendar events in the left half of the screen, general to-dos in the top-right quadrant, and notes in the bottom-right quadrant. The entire list of to-dos is shown for every day, but notes are attached to specific dates.

While day view allows a great overview of everything you have planned, it may seem a little cramped for full management. Don’t worry, Parker Planners has that covered. Notes and general to-dos are also manageable in individual sections. By entering either section, you can more easily view and delete each entry, plus check and uncheck to-dos.

Parker Planner version 1.1 - To Dos and Notes

More easily view and clean up to-dos and notes via their individual sections.

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