An upcoming game from the developer of Frisbee Forever is set to take on Temple Run, and it goes by the name of Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is about a trio of young mavericks who seem to love nothing more than drawing graffiti on trains. The thing is, a paunchy train inspector is out to get them, and his pitbulls are tagging along. The chase is on.

The similarity of Subway Surfers to Temple Run is undeniable, especially with regard to controls. As in that top-grossing endless runner, you swipe your fingers to guide any of the trio as he or she runs from the demon monkeys, I mean, the inspector and his dogs. There are also coins to collect as you run on train tracks and above train cars. Power-ups such as a snazzy hoverboard and a paint-powered backpack are at your disposal to help you evade your pursuers much longer. Be careful about hitting an oncoming train or brick wall, though, lest you be captured.

Currently undergoing beta testing, Subway Surfers is scheduled to coast into the App Store this month. Watch out for our review of the game upon its release and find out whether it has what it takes to satisfy your endless running needs.