If you accidentally updated your iPhone 4S or iPad to to the currently unjailbreakable iOS 5.1 (or iOS 5.1.1), worry not – because the iPhone Dev-Team might soon be able to help you out. In a Twitter update posted recently by @MuscleNerd, it has been revealed that an upcoming version of redsn0w will allow jailbreak fans to downgrade their iPhone or iPad to iOS 5.0.1, which can indeed be jailbroken thanks to @pod2g.

Here’s the tweet:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean third-generation iPad owners are going to be able to downgrade and jailbreak their new tablet. Because the iPad launched with iOS 5.1 pre-installed, it’s therefore not possible to take its iOS version back to iOS 5.0.1, meaning we’ll have to wait a little longer before our new iPads can sport Cydia.

In addition, you’ll only successfully be able to downgrade your iPhone or iPad if you have your SHSH blobs saved. These files, as we’ve told you in the past, are what make downgrades possible.

Hopefully the iPhone Dev-Team’s new version of redsn0w will be available soon. As always, we’ll keep you posted, so be sure to check back with us.

[via iDownloadBlog]