Have you ever come home to your iPad, only to have a Notification Center full of notifications that you’ve already cleared on your iPhone? In a video by AppleNApps’ Trevor Sheridan, Apple seems to have fixed this problem along with other cross-device syncing issues with iOS 6.

The video below shows the change:

As you can see in the video, clearing notifications on one device automatically clears them on another. The red badge is removed from the app icon, while the corresponding notification is removed from Notification Center. Trevor notes that the cross-device syncing only works with Apple’s stock apps at the moment (Messages, Mail, etc.), but as developers have more time to work with the iOS 6 beta, support should continually grow to work with third party applications.

For me, this is something I absolutely hate about iOS 5. Notifications build up over the course of a day, and it’s annoying to have an empty Notification Center on one iDevice, only to have a full one on another. This problem is especially true with iMessage, which has had some buggy syncing issues since its debut. At WWDC, Apple announced Messages for OS X, which will (hopefully) provide seamless integration between iMessage on iOS and OS X.

The Messages beta for Mac was recently pulled ahead of the official launch for OS X Mountain Lion, which will feature iCloud integration across the board.

Are you relieved to know that your Notification Center will properly sync across all your devices?

Source: AppleNApps