Apple’s iCloud and iMessage services are apparently experiencing widespread outages.

Currently, Apple’s iCloud support page is acknowledging the issue saying that users may be unable to access iCloud services. The note was posted at 10:45 a.m. PDT.

Other users, including myself, are having issues sending iMessages. When attempting to use the service, the process hangs before sending the message.

If you’re having issues with iMessage, you can simply turn the service off and switch to text messaging only by going to the Settings menu and choosing Messages. Then toggle the iMessage button to off.

Also, users of iMessage for the Mac are experiencing the same issues. Here’a a screenshot:

While many other users are having problems with iCloud, I was just able to access it without any issues, which is odd. MacRumors posted a screenshot of an error message while trying to log onto iCloud.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more word about these issues and let you know if Apple issues any type of statement. Are you having any iMessage or iCloud issues currently? Hopefully Apple can get things going back to normal soon.

Updated: Apple just edited the iCloud page to say all services are back to normal.