Another change made in iOS 6 involves the Emoji keyboard, which joined our iPhones back with iOS 5. Though a variety of icons are already available in the fifth-iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, the company has added a quantity of additional “emojis” in iOS 6 beta 1.

In the above image, a handful of new Emoji icons have been collected by iDownloadBlog. As you can see, a variety of animals are now available to enter into text fields under iOS 6, along with additional foods and some non-specific symbols, too.

If you haven’t played around with the Emoji keyboard on your iOS 5-powered iDevice, you can enable it by heading to the Settings app, touching “General,” then “Keyboard” and “International Keyboard.” Here, add the Emoji keyboard to your collection of pre-configured keyboards and hey presto, you’re done.

Let us know if you’ve spotted anything else new in iOS 6 that we haven’t reported on.

Source: iDownloadBlog