When Apple announced the new Maps in iOS 6, many thought that Waze, among other navigation apps, is all but dead. But Waze is actually one of the services from which the data in the upcoming version of Maps are sourced. Waze is an exceptionally good app, and Apple is wise to have chosen it as a third-party partner. As a matter of fact, Waze has just gotten even better with a fresh update.

Waze has just been upgraded to version 3.2. The new version boasts a few new features, the most notable of which is called Fuel.

As pointed out in the video below, which highlights the new features of the app, Waze has long been about saving time. But now, Waze can also be about saving money on gas.

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To take advantage of Fuel, just open Waze on your iPhone or iPad, go to the new category menu, and search for gas. The app then shows you a list of the gas stations near you or along your path with their corresponding prices. Waze-only discounts redeemable in select gas stations are also indicated.

Now you can refill your tank at the lowest available price on your way to your next summer destination. And since Waze is an app that thrives on crowd-sourced data, you can also update gas prices yourself.

Waze’s Fuel service, which is demoed in the video below, currently works in the U.S. only. But it’s set to come to the rest of the world soon.

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Another new feature in Waze 3.2 is Waypoints, which lets you add a stop en route to your final destination. In addition to an ETA for your final destination, an ETA for your midway stop is also determined by the app.

Waze 3.2 also introduces text-to-speech including street name support for nine new languages: U.K. English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish. Further, it adds the ability to view full turn-by-turn navigation instructions for your route by tapping the nav bar and it improves the map accuracy in street corner angles.

The newly updated Waze is available now in the App Store for free. Way to go, Waze!