Citing the growing popularity of Apple’s flagship software, Google has decided to stop posting updates on its official Mac blog.

Google Mac Blog, the search giant’s developer blog dedicated to offering support for OS X as well as iOS, has been around for five and a half years. But Google has rightly noticed that, within that same period, Apple’s operating systems have dramatically emerged as well-liked mainstream platforms.

No longer deeming the continuation of Google Mac Blog necessary, blog editor Scott Knaster recommends getting further updates from Google’s individual product blogs. In the blog’s farewell post, Knaster mentions the Chrome Blog and the Lat Long Blog, which contain news and tips for Google’s Web browser and map program, respectively.

Google Chrome is currently supported on OS X and is rumored to make its debut on iOS in the near future. Google Earth is also compatible with OS X and is accessible as a standalone app for iPhone and iPad.

In fact, Google Earth for iOS is just one of the over 20 different iOS apps in the App Store that are developed by Google. And in light of Apple’s decision to do away with Google Maps in iOS 6, the addition of a native iOS app for that particular service is only to be expected.

Source: Google Mac Blog
Via: The Next Web