According to data from Simply Measured – a social media research firm – iOS 6 was the most talked about announcement made at Apple’s WWDC ’12 keynote presentation on Monday. After analyzing more than 150,000 #WWDC-tagged tweets, Simply Measured concluded that 18 percent of the online conversation discussed the preview of the sixth-iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The magnitude of the Twitter-buzz generated by iOS 6 was closely followed by the announcement of Apple’s new, Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro computers: this accounted for 15 percent of tagged-tweets. Apple’s mention of OS X Mountain Lion (which is set to be released next month), made up just six percent of the aforementioned Twitter updates. Ironically, this was closely followed by #WWDC-tagged tweets criticizing the keynote’s lack of a new iPhone announcement.

It’s clear that this data reflects the interests of Apple’s fanbase, which has a predominantly iOS-focus. A massive 50 percent of the company’s sales come from iOS products: it’s therefore no surprise that the iOS 6 announcement generated the biggest Twitter response.

Which WWDC ’12 keynote announcement are you the most excited about?

Source: Simply Measured
Via: Boy Genius Report