Before the hype of Apple’s WWDC ’12 keynote, iPhone Dev-Team member @MuscleNerd announced that he had “all the pieces” required to create a downgrade tool for the 06.15 iPhone baseband. Now, we’re hearing that this important piece of software might launch on Sunday-Funday, meaning Apple fans afflicted with the 06.15-issue only have a few more days to wait before they can be free of the issue forever.

Though the 06.15 baseband drama has rolled on for over a year now, in a nutshell folks who unlocked under this baseband are essentially stuck, and are plagued with countless GPS issues which prevent the smart phone from being used effectively. Perhaps by now, all iPhone owners affected by the 06.15-issue have upgraded their handset. But if any are still struggling on with the problem, the iPhone Dev-Team has some good news.

According to @MuscleNerd, a downgrade tool for 06.15-powered iPhone handsets should be available in the near future, and perhaps even this Sunday:

With this tool, Apple fans will be able to recover full GPS capabilities – something not currently available, if they’re plagued with the 06.15 baseband problem.

If any more news hits the Web – and if the updated version of redsn0w becomes available – we’ll let you know, so check back with us. In the meantime, remember you can follow the man himself at @MuscleNerd for updates on the iPhone Dev-Team’s progress.

Source: @MuscleNerd
Via: iDownloadBlog