Having invited you to deal with the brainless undead in Stupid Zombies, GameResort is now asking you to consort with a different kind of supernatural being in its newest iOS game. Released today, Probe the Humans lets you play as an alien aboard a UFO trying to abduct as many earthlings as you can.

Probe the Humans is actually yet another take on the type of gameplay popularized by Jetpack Joyride. But as opposed to the simple one-touch control of that game, dragging motions similar to those employed in On The Wind are used in Probe the Humans. Your goal in Probe the Humans is already clearly stated in the game’s title. To probe the humans, as well as the farm animals, you just need to drag the light being projected from your spacecraft onto them. And in true Jetpack Joyride fashion, coins are scattered along the way for you to collect and use afterward to purchase power-ups. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though, since you also have to avoid houses, cars, and other inanimate objects in order to survive. Watch the out-of-this-world trailer for the game below.

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Equipped with 3-D graphics and ominous sounds, Probe the Humans is available in the App Store for free. Download it now and get ready to go on an alien abduction spree.