If you’ve got an iPhone, then it’s probably safe to say you take it just about anywhere you go. With summer around the corner, your iPhone will surely be your best tool to document swims, water balloon fights, and other summer shenanigans. But, what if you wanted to actually get involved in said shenanigans? With Photojojo’s iPhone Scuba Suit, you can.

The iPhone Scuba Suit is a 100 percent waterproof case for your iPhone. It uses a latch closure to create an airtight liquid barrier to keep your iPhone safe underwater. The case features a “touch-sensitive gel screen cover” that should make using your phone underwater easier than it is with similar cases. If you’ve got some waterproof headphones, the Scuba Suit has a built-in waterproof headphone jack that will allow you to listen to music underwater. The optical grade lens cover ensures that your photos will look just as good underwater as they do on dry land.

The iPhone Scuba Suit

Now, this isn’t the first waterproof iPhone case we’ve seen (see: LifeProof), but the iPhone Scuba Suit does seem to have a bit more to offer than comparable cases. The Scuba Suit is purportedly waterproof up to 15 feet, whereas other waterproof cases only offer protection for depths up to two meters. The case’s gel screen cover is designed to be more responsive than the screen covers of other waterproof cases, which was a problem I had with the LifeProof Case.

For more information on the iPhone Scuba Suit ($60), visit Photojojo.

Even with a waterproof case, would you ever risk taking your precious iPhone into water?