One of my favorite iOS device accessory makers, Twelve South, has just announced a beautifully redesigned BookBook case for the new iPad and iPad 2.

Made on the outside to look like a book with a rigid spine and two hardback covers, the case is 33 percent thinner than the previous version and weighs in at around 12 ounces.

The inside of the case now features an interior frame that creates a multi-angle display and built-in typing stand. The frame can also slide even further out for a FaceTime session or desktop use.

Dual zippers allow access to the dock connector port so users can charge and sync their iPads while it’s in the BookBook.

Each BookBook is made from hand-distressed leather so each case will look different. Along with the previous brown and red versions of the case, Twelve South is introducing a new black color to the lineup.

And the case looks so much like a book that Twelve South has received notes from users saying thieves have bypassed iPads in the case during home or cars thefts.

BookBook for the iPad can be purchased on Twelve South’s website for $79.99. While that strongly puts the case in premium price territory, the company’s attention to detail is worth the extra money.