If you’re a fan of the super-popular Poker by Zynga (free), consider downloading the recently released Zynga Slots HD: a new, free iPad app that allows players to hit the reels and win coins, at a variety of virtual slot machines.

As Zynga explains in the app’s release notes:

Spin the reels to win coins and dash across a variety of different exciting and magical worlds. Join hot jackpots with your friends, then get lucky and grab the cash before they do!

Features include:

  • Spin up to 40 LINES at a time!
  • Reach FEVER MODE every time you play for higher payouts!
  • Earn UPGRADES on your favorite machines for more lines and bets!
  • Grab FREE COINS every few minutes, and even more when your friends win!

The application puts a fun spin on the classic slot machine game. As with Poker by Zynga, Zynga Slots HD is enjoyable and addictive, and perfect for dipping into when you have a moment to spare. Through earning more coins users can unlock additional aspects of the game, and coin-packs can also be purchased in-app if you want to get-rich-quick.

Currently, Zynga Slots HD is available in the iPad App Store for free (an iPhone version is available too, which is also free to download). Enjoy – and remember, don’t go too crazy for those in-app purchasable coin-packs!