Actual good news for once, AT&T customers. According to The Verge, the company is planning to launch a new service for blocking stolen handsets on Tuesday.

Instead of a full SIM block, the service would allow customers to block any voice, data, or SMS access to any specific phone or tablet without affecting their service.

According to information sent to AT&T employees, the company will keep a list of stolen handsets, and service will automatically be cutoff “if any attempt is made to use a device that is stored in the blocklist.”

Users must contact customer service directly to add a handset to the list, and if a phone does have remote wipe/lock capabilities, those must be activated to protect any personal information.

The only way a phone can be removed from the list is if the original customer that reported the missing phone calls and completes a request.

Plans for the new service come as a follow-up to a story earlier this year that said all four major wireless carriers in the United States were working with the FCC to build a central database of stolen handsets.

At that time, individual carriers were reportedly planning to create lists within six months. All of the information is to be integrated within a year.

As a customer, I’m glad to see AT&T is working so quickly to get its list off the ground and running. Now, I only have to wait for the family data plans that Verizon customers are now enjoying.

Source: The Verge