Fishlabs has both good and bad news for fans of its popular open-space shooter, Galaxy on Fire 2.

First, the good news …

The official trailer for Supernova, the game’s post-Valkyrie add-on, has been released. You can watch the trailer in all its space operatic greatness below.

Featuring actual footage taken from the roughly 10 hours of gameplay offered by Supernova, the trailer is nothing less than sheer spectacle.

It provides a sneak peek at the titular system, which turns out to be gamma-poisoned and hence dangerous to nearby sectors.

The trailer also shows some of the new weapons and spaceships that can be expected in Supernova.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

And, boy, are there going to be lots of those in the upcoming expansion of Galaxy on Fire 2, which is available in SD, HD, and Full HD for iOS and Mac.

As well, there are going to be new characters and gameplay enhancements aplenty.

But enough about the good news. We now come to the bad news …

Owing to the considerable demands of having to simultaneously release Supernova in SD, HD, and Full HD for iOS and Mac, Fishlabs has pushed the launch of the add-on to September 2012.

Unfortunate, yes, but perfectly understandable.

If the delay is implemented to ensure the utmost quality of Supernova, then let’s let Fishlabs have all the time in the universe.

And by “all the time in the universe” I mean “a couple of months at most,” of course.