Moving closer to a release, Black Chair Games has provided a new trailer and screenshots for its upcoming platform puzzler LAD.

Featuring an eerie atmosphere with black-and-white silhouettes, the game forces players to move objects around to get to an exit point.

As the game progresses, more obstacles and ways of dying are introduced.

Throughout the app, different parts of the story will be introduced. Earning the in-game achievements will also further tell the cryptic story of LAD and exactly what it stands for. Keeping with the mysterious theme of the title, that’s all the story that the developer has been willing to release.

While taking a large dose of inspiration from the popular LIMBO game, LAD does seemingly have some interesting elements that should make it unique. Here’s the latest trailer with in-game footage. Click here if you can’t see the video.

We first told you about the game in late May when the first trailer and screenshots were released.

More definitive information like an exact release date and price is still unknown, but we’ll keep you up to date with any new information. The game is expected to be available for both the iPad and iPhone.

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