Today we’ve rounded up some of the best new games in the App Store. We’ll be covering Super Mole Escape, Flip’s Escape, and Horn – the official AppAdvice Game of the Week.

Super Mole Escape:

Adult Swim has done it again, bringing us another addictive title with great graphics and super fun gameplay. It’s an endless runner, except you’re a mole, so you’ll be digging instead. It uses the accelerometer for movement, making it easy to maneuver quickly through the dirt, picking up gems and power-ups along the way. Use power-ups with a tap of the button.

Flip’s Escape:
Instead of running from the law as you are in Super Mole Escape, you’re running from a stellar shockwave and avoiding asteroids. Sounds intense, but don’t worry, the 8-bit graphics take the edge off. This is one of the more fun titles we’ve played in a while.

Game of the Week: Horn
Zynga has switched gears, and gets a little less friendly, in this weeks Game of the Week, Horn. Horn closely competes with games like Infinity Blade. We don’t want to giveaway too much, so watch the show to see Horn in action.