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Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast ($0.99) by XMG Studio Inc. is an action-packed augmented reality game that has you tearing through your own living room trying to keep those ectoplasm entities from turning your house into an afterlife after party.

Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast by XMG Studio Inc. screenshot

Players join the Ghostbusters as a new recruit and must track down and capture as many ghosts as possible right in their own neighborhood. Using the iPad or iPhone’s location service, you can catch ghosts right down the street from you. Check out the main map and you’ll notice that it shows your actual neighborhood.

When you get the call that the candy shop down the street needs some ghost busting, tap the “Fight Now” button and get ready to let the protons fly. The game uses your device’s camera and accelerometer to augment your reality and make ghosts fly around right in your living room, backyard, or local candy shop.

To catch a ghost, move your iPhone around the room until one comes into view and then hit the Neutrona Wand and try to deplete its energy. Once you’ve weakened the ghost enough, the Ghost Trap will appear on screen and prompt you to open it by dragging your finger upward. Then, you must keep the ghost inside the beam until the trap closes. You’ll have to tilt your device from left to right as the ghost struggles to escape.

After capturing the ghosts, send them to the Containment Unit where they are released into the Grid. Collect as many ghosts as possible and share your collection on Facebook for extra money.

You earn money whenever you capture a ghost. Use the money to upgrade equipment or buy special power ups like the Stasis Beam, which stuns the ghost for a few seconds.

As far as augmented reality games go, this one is top-quality. The ghosts are hard to catch and they fight back, covering your screen with green slime or even cracking the glass. As far as Ghostbusters fandom goes, it is an entertaining and exciting way to feel like you are part of the team. There are plenty of ghosts out there that need busting, so you’d better grab your goggles and a couple of traps, because it’s going to be a long night.