The much-maligned Apple Genius ads have been pulled from both the company’s marketing page and YouTube channel, according to MacRumors.

While Apple does tend to pull older ads from both of those channels, there are still ads from late 2010 live on YouTube. So it’s a pretty good bet that Apple simply wanted to end the campaign once and for all with a whimper.

The ads originally started to air during coverage of the Olympics late last month. Instead of advertising a product, the ads highlighted the role of the ubiquitous Apple Store Genius helping solve numerous issues with customer’s Macs.

But the campaign was not exactly well received. Less than a week later, news that Apple pulled the ads from TV broke. A representative from Apple’s long time ad agency TBWA/Media/Arts Lab said the ads were only scheduled for a short run and that the poor reception had nothing to do with the decision.

Our own A.T. Faust III was one of the campaign’s detractors saying the spots “are snowballing out of control.”

While I somewhat agree with his assessment, I can’t blame Apple for at least trying something new. The cavalcade of celebrity endorsement spots for the iPhone only do a great job of overselling Siri. Hopefully, Apple can go back to the drawing board to come up with something better, or at least different.

Source: MacRumors