The private photo and video sharing app Sidebark has just been updated with a variety of enhancements.

Optimized for iPhone, Sidebark is an app that lets you share photos and videos privately with a select group of family and friends. To this end, the app lets you create private lists for quick and easy targeted sharing.

Since its release last month, Sidebark has allowed for the manual creation of private lists. But a new update has just been pushed to the app, enabling you to use the Sidebark Email Analyzer to create smart lists.

Smart lists are created based on groups you email frequently. By entering your email credentials on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or AOL, you can enable the Sidebark Email Analyzer to take care of making smart lists for you.


And if you’re worried about your email privacy, Sidebark has this to say on the matter:

Sidebark can analyze your email to create private lists. The results of your email analysis stay on your phone and are not sent back to Sidebark.

The new update to Sidebark also brings the ability to sign up and log in with Facebook, in addition to the app’s proprietary signup and login support.

Furthermore, the new version of the app lets you save photos and videos to your camera roll, start sharing from your home page with just one tap, and see everything you’ve liked in one place.

Also promising faster app launch and a number of bug fixes, the newly updated Sidebark is available now in the App Store for free.