Tweetbot for Mac is back, with a big caveat.

On Tuesday, developer Tapbots pulled the alpha software because of controversial new Twitter API rules that limit the amount of user tokens a program can use. But the software is now available to download in beta form, with one issue users need to take heed of, according to a blog post from the company’s Paul Haddad:

It’s important to realize that with this build you can’t add or reauthorize any accounts. If you delete an account or de-authorize an existing account you will not be able to add it again until the final version comes out. If you try to add a new account or launch the app with no accounts created you are going to end up right here on this page.

Here’s the complete change log for version 0.8.0:

Tweetbot for Mac (0.8.0) Change Log

  • lots of bug fixes
  • can paste images into new tweet window again
  • can copy tweets on timeline
  • can do ‘open in new column’ (they also have keyboard shortcuts)
  • multi-column swiping and keyboard support much improved. Use tab shift/tab to move between columns.
  • better keyboard support: status detail + many other views
  • profile view: can scroll user information so can see more tweets
  • drag and drop tweets has been improved
  • gap loading works properly now
  • context click on tweet action buttons in timeline
  • did I mention we fixed a bunch of bugs too?

The new version can be downloaded directly here. The final version, when released, will contain no restrictions and be available in the Mac App Store. You can also download the iOS versions of the app for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch from the App Store.