Slydris, Radiangames’ innovative Tetris-with-a-sliding-twist game, has just received its first ever update.

When Slydris launched three weeks ago, I (and Christine too) wondered why the game was released for iPad only when it could have also easily worked for iPhone.

Whatever the reason was, I actually couldn’t care less now that Slydris has been updated with iPhone support.

Rather than being a mere scaled-down version of the original Slydris for iPad, Slydris for iPhone takes the smaller available real estate into account.

As a result, the new version of Slydris optimized for iPhone boasts new UI layouts on select game screens.

Also, it includes a zoomed-in overlay that appears when moving blocks. This overlay can be adjusted to meet a desired level of transparency or be deactivated altogether.

Slydris for iPhone

A couple of changes that affect both the iPad and iPhone versions of Slydris are also included in the game’s first update. One is a new help screen accessible from the options or pause menu. The other is a chain scoring system:

  • Extra pts for clearing lines in consecutive moves
  • 200 pts per consecutive chain
  • Time Bonus (Infinite mode): +25 pts per second less than 20
  • Time Bonus (Survival mode): +25 pts per 1/4 second less than 5
  • Displays notification in Infinite mode only (but still awarded in Survival)

Slydris for iPad and iPhone is available in the App Store for $1.99.