It seems Apple is killing off the iPhone dock.

For years, iDevice owners have chosen to charge their smartphone (or even their tablet) in style, by hooking it up to a white, USB dock and sitting it upright, next to their computer. Single docks, thanks to adapters, could fit different types of iPhones, with Apple refreshing its USB dock each year to cater towards the newest addition to the team.

Now, however, it seems no such refresh will take place. In an email sent to one Apple fan, Phil Schiller has noted that the company does not plan to develop the accessory, since “[m]ost people who use docks use them with speaker or clock systems.” Here’s a screenshot of the email:

Phil Schiller’s email

How do you feel about this? Is Schiller right, or are you going to be lost without an iPhone 5 dock? Don’t forget, the iPhone 5 is set to launch this Friday.

Source: 9to5Mac