Following its premature release, the new iOS game Super Hexagon is now back for good in the App Store. And it’s practically daring players to accept its Hexagon (hard), Hexagoner (harder), and Hexagonest (hardest) challenges.

Super Hexagon was actually released in the App Store last week, but only accidentally.

“Turns out I messed up forward dating on Super Hexagon,” tweeted its developer, Terry Cavanagh, last Aug. 31. “It was live on the store for a few hours!”

“I’ve already taken it down, sorry,” he added. “If you managed to snag an early copy, congrats :D”

But if you’re not one of the handful of customers who managed to download it during its brief stay in the App Store, not to worry. You’re more than welcome to do so now.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

But what’s the deal about Super Hexagon anyway? Well, it’s only the exciting iOS implementation of Cavanagh’s hit flash game Hexagon.

To give you an idea of what Super Hexagon has to offer, take a look at the game’s psychedelic launch trailer above, which features an awesome techno soundtrack by Chipzel.

Super Hexagon is available now in the App Store for the special introductory price of only $0.99.

If, after feasting your eyes and ears on the game’s trailer, you’re still on the fence about downloading Super Hexagon, then just stand by for Christine’s full review later today to help you make up your mind.