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Bingo Words (Free) by is a fast-paced word game that lets you prove your smarts with everyone on Facebook. Big words don’t win big points in this game so don’t try to show off.

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is a fast-paced word game that lets you prove your smarts with everyone on Facebook. Big words don’t win big points in this game so don’t try to show off.

Players log into Facebook and start a game by either inviting friends or challenging a random opponent. If you start the game, you will go first. The game board is a grid of 25. A couple of the spots have stars in them. You can make your words as long or as short as you like, but they have to connect to each other and all of the stars must be used.

Instead of earning points for long words, or words using difficult letters like “Z” or “Q,” players either win or lose a round if they finish fastest. If you play a five-letter word next to a six-letter word but it took you 45 seconds to complete, your opponent can win with two, three-letter words if he completes his turn even a fraction of a second faster.

Each turn costs two coins to play. Players start off with 10 coins. When you select a game, it costs one coin. If you are already in the middle of the game, the first thing you will see is an instant replay of how your opponent did on the previous round. There entire turn is sped up and you can watch the whole turn. If you finished faster, you win the point. Then, players start a round that their opponent has already completed. Once you’ve finished, you’ll see another side-by-side instant replay of your turn and your opponent’s turn. Then, you get one more round where you play first. This round costs another coin to play. When you are done, you send your play to your opponent. Your opponent will then see the previous round, play against your current round, and start another one.

Once you’ve run out of coins, you can either buy more through an in-app purchase or wait one hour for all 10 of your coins to replenish. Although, I randomly received 20 coins after one hour once, so maybe it varies.

I’m not sure how to win a game. So far, I’ve started five games on my own, been challenged by at least 25 people and haven’t played a game that went more than 9 rounds. I have no idea how many points it takes to win, or what the winner receives, other than bragging rights.

There is a weekly contest, but since the app has only been available for about two days, I have no idea what happens at the end. There are no instructions or rules to the game.

Since this game is free and only requires a Facebook log in to play, there are lots of opponents that will challenge you. You don’t have to accept, but their offer shows up on the “Your Turn” list forever. If you challenge a player and they don’t respond, their name shows up on the “Their Turn” list forever.

There is no way to resign a game. Players can only resign a round. There is no way to delete a game. It just sits on your board. There is no way to chat with your opponent or send a message.

I think the game might be sending challenge requests without my knowledge. I only challenged five or so people, but under “Their Turn,” there are 32 games. 90 percent of the games have no score, meaning I would have played my turn and then sent a challenge and now am awaiting their first turn. I did not send 32 challenges. I have no idea how that many people ended up on my “Their Turn” list because I can’t access the game until it is my turn to play.

The gameplay itself is great. I like having to come up with words as fast as possible. That part of the app is worth the download. However, players have no control over their games. Unplayed games can’t be deleted. Games that are waiting for someone else’s turn can’t be viewed. You can never resign. There is no rulebook. If the developers spent a little time on the design of the app it would be really fun. As-is, it feels cluttered and confusing. Plus, I think its weird that I have 32 challenges that I don’t remember sending. How did that even happen?