It’s not exactly a purple haze, but some iPhone 5 users are apparently seeing an interesting halo on some photos taken with the new handset.

Detailed on the AnandTech Forums and reported on by Cult of Mac, the effect seems to occur while taking photos around bright light sources like the sun or incandescent light. If a user points the camera directly at the light source and then quickly moves it away from the light, a purple halo can be seen through the camera and on any pictures that are taken. The effect can be seen in the above picture.

While some users are experiencing the issue, others have not. According to CNET, one user contacted Apple support and told it was a “widespread issue” that it was currently researching.

Some forum users suspect that the camera’s new sapphire crystal lens cover causes the issue when light is refracted through it. Sapphire comes in numerous colors, including purple.

Even on this bright and sunny day here in Texas, I was unable to replicate the effect after pointing my iPhone 5 at a number of light sources both inside and outside. So I guess I’ll consider myself lucky in that respect.

Do you see a purple halo on your photos?

Source: Cult of Mac
Image: @weaksauce12