A little over a week ago, Typic was released in the App Store to help you easily put text over your photos. Now, the app, which is designed for iPhone and iPod touch, has been updated with a number of significant improvements.

Unsurprisingly, Typic has been updated to support iOS 6 and the taller screen of the new iPhone 5. But other than this, the app has gained some enhancements that aren’t exclusive to the latest versions of iOS and the iPhone.

In the latest version of Typic, you can now move the text over your photos. To do so, just tap and hold on the text as you move it toward your desired location.

You can now also choose the color for the frame. But don’t get too excited just yet since, at the moment, you can choose between black and white only. All the same, it’s a welcome improvement. Let’s hope a frame color picker gets added soon.

Another highlight of the updated app is instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This comes in addition to the app’s already existing support for email sharing and photo library saving.

The new version of Typic is available now in the App Store for free. It also features full resolution images to go with your textual decorations.