For those hoping to see an Apple television or a new set-top box under the Christmas tree this holiday season, think again. The long-rumored iTV and also an update to the Apple TV have been delayed. The postponements are the result of failed content negotiations with cable providers, according to Bloomberg.

The sticking point with content providers remains on who should control the iTV’s user interface, and whether a new Apple TV set-top box should be sold directly to customers or leased through cable providers. As of a result of these failed negotiations, neither product will appear anytime soon.

The Grinch

The Grinch

In August, The Wall Street Journal suggested that Apple would scrap the iTV altogether and instead launch a new set-top box that would work with any television. This followed previous reports that had suggested a real Apple television would launch in 2013 or 2014.

As I suggested last month, I’d love to see Apple make a play for TiVo and be done with it. A merged Apple TV/TiVo box would be popular and wouldn’t require reinventing the wheel. Still, it wouldn’t be an iTV.

Unfortunately, it now looks now like we won’t be able to buy either product anytime soon.

Source: Bloomberg
Photo: Fanpop