Ecoute, a music player app that was previously hailed as an AppAdvice App of the Week, has just received its first significant update.

Ecoute, as my colleague Christine puts it, “puts Apple’s Music app to shame.”

First and foremost, Ecoute boasts a simple and elegant interface.

Indeed, the app is a sight to behold. Music players like Ecoute are, of course, made for listening. But it wouldn’t hurt to be looking at something so pretty while browsing through your digital music collection, wouldn’t it?

Second, Ecoute is built around gestures. So, browsing through your digital music collection with Ecoute is quick and engaging as well as visually appealing.

Released just last August, Ecoute has been updated with a number of improvements.

Of course, one of these improvements is the app’s optimization for the four-inch display of the new iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Ecoute has also gained a couple of iTunes Match-related improvements.


In the new version of Ecoute, you can already hide iTunes Match or non-local tracks. You can also differentiate between local tracks and non-local ones, which are accompanied by a cloud icon.

The new version of Ecoute also introduces sharing of the music you’re listening to via Facebook. This supplements the already existing Twitter and integration in the app.

The new iTunes Match-related features and Facebook sharing require iOS 6. Note, though, that Ecoute itself requires iOS 5 or later.

Ecoute has also been updated with a rating system. In the app’s “now playing” screen, there is now a set of five stars which you can, supposedly, tap in accordance with your rating for the currently playing track. I say “supposedly” because it doesn’t seem to be working at all at the moment.

Ecoute now also features shuffling by albums and left-handed mode, both of which can be enabled in the Settings app. German language support and other minor improvements are included in the updated app as well.

Ecoute for iPhone and iPod touch is available in the App Store for $2.99.