Are you missing Google Street View on iOS 6? Well, you’ll be happy to know that it has made its comeback via the official Google Maps Web app.

And right on schedule, too. Yesterday, we reported that the feature would indeed be integrated into the Web version of Google Maps starting today.

Google Street View is a Google Maps feature that offers panoramic views of popular locations, sometimes including the interiors of select establishments.

To enable Google Street View on the Google Maps Web app, first go to on your iDevice’s Web browser. Then, select the location you want to view and tap the “pegman” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Google Maps Web app, now with Street View

A new tab will then be opened, showing the Street View for your selected location. Of course, you can drag in any direction you want to take advantage of the feature’s 360-degree view.

Google Street View was built into the Google-powered Maps app on iOS. But, rather famously, that was replaced by Apple with its own Maps app on iOS 6. But, rather infamously, Apple’s Maps app has been drawing widespread criticism mainly because of its many inaccuracies.

In fact, Apple has effectively admitted to its new Maps app’s substandard performance. Just last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology for the iOS 6 version of Maps. He even recommended some alternatives, including, of course, the Google Maps Web app.

Are you glad of the Google Maps Web app’s inclusion of Google Street View?