Penguins Annie, Bob, Max, and Ziggy from the upcoming iOS title Aloha from Hawaii think a lot like I do. We all want to get to the beautiful, sunny beaches of Hawaii.

While I’m tucked away in Texas without enough money for a plane ticket, the four penguins want to take a vacation from their boring lives in the South Pole. And players are in for the wild ride.

The game is touted as a hybrid between a platformer and runner and features hand drawn assets with an interesting cartoon style. Players can switch between all four penguins to master their unique skills and special moves.

Here’s a quick teaser trailer with some gameplay. Click here if you can’t see the video.

The title is expected to appear in the App Store sometime next week for free. The first world is fully playable and the other two can be unlocked with in-app purchases. While I’ve never been a fan of in-app purchases, I do think this is a nice way to give players a taste of the gameplay for free.

We’ve featured other titles from the game’s developer, Forge Reply, in our Apps Gone Free daily column, and Aloha from Hawaii looks like a lot of fun. I’m excited to play it when it hits the App Store. Sadly, I bet the penguins will probably make it to the islands before I do.