With just over a couple of weeks to go before the U.S. presidential election this year, NYTimes for iPhone has just been updated in preparation for the much-anticipated event.

NYTimes for iPhone is, of course, the official iPhone app of The New York Times. The app offers journalism from the world-famous news organization to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Subscribers get full access to all types of content in the app. Non-subscribers, on the other hand, are treated to the Top News section only, which is not bad at all.

Ahead of the upcoming election, NYTimes for iPhone has just been updated to include live election night coverage on Nov. 6. The coverage shall feature live updates, videos, interactive maps, and county-by-county results.

Along with some bug fixes and stability improvements, the new version of the app also features a new gesture for saving or sharing articles. To easily save or share an article, just tap and hold on it until the context menu appears.

NYTimes for iPhone is available in the App Store as a free Newsstand app.

If you want more in-depth election-related news coverage, you might also find the separate and similarly free NYTimes Election 2012 app to your liking.